OpTic Dashy gets insane 2 minute V2 Rocket in CoD Vanguard

Jacob Hale
OpTic Dashy with CoD Vanguard logo

The V2 Rocket is the top killstreak you can get in Call of Duty Vanguard, equivalent to the nuke in previous games, but OpTic Texas CDL pro Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell made it look easy in this insane two-minute match.

The V2 Rocket, is Vanguard’s game-ending killstreak that only the best players will achieve. It requires a 25 kill streak with your weapons, meaning any killstreaks used in the process don’t count towards it.

As you can imagine, everything has to fall into place perfectly if you want to get a V2 Rocket, as well as simply displaying higher levels of skill than the average player.

That’s exactly what happened for Dashy, who managed to find the perfect method to mow down enemy players during a Domination match and call in his V2 Rocket in just over two minutes.

optic chicago cdl
Dashy is looking ready for the Vanguard season.

Playing a match of Domination on the Berlin map, Dashy heads straight to the middle of the map to control B flag and earn points for his team — but then total carnage ensues.

Kitted out with the best STG loadout to dominate his public match opponents, Dashy winds up simply holding the mid-map area, cutting off any crosses and the enemy team’s attempts to push him out.

Picking off players in quick succession, Dashy almost gets caught out when the enemies take different routes to reach him, but he manages to get the final kill a split second before finally falling, around two minutes and six seconds after his first kill.

Berlin is a great map for picking up V2 Rockets, with the lines of sight available and the overall layout of it, and Dashy displayed that perfectly in this gameplay.

It helps that he’s one of the best Call of Duty players in the world, but needless to say, this is particularly impressive gameplay.

You might want to try this spot on the map, and this STG class, for yourself, and see how far you get.