How to find hilarious Cod Zombies Ronald Raygun easter egg in Outbreak

Black Ops Cold War Zombies ray gun gameplayActivision

Following the Black Ops Cold War Season 3 update, Zombies fans will be happy to know there’s a new Ronald Raygun easter egg in the Outbreak mode. Here’s how you can find it and score a free Wonder Weapon.

With the latest updates to Outbreak mode in the Season 3 patch, a few big changes were made on the surface. From new vehicles to new regions, there’s a ton of fresh content to experiment with.

However, one of the more subtle changes went without a mention in the latest patch notes. The developers over at Treyarch dropped in a cheeky new easter egg that’s only just been discovered.

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There’s a unique Zombie roaming around in Outbreak and killing it could just save your run. Here’s everything you need to know about Ronald Raygun.

Ronald Raygun easter egg in Outbreak

As a play on Ronald Reagan, Treyarch’s cheeky new character comes wielding one of Outbreak’s Wonder Weapons. As the name implies, finding this easter egg will grant you a Ray Gun for the rest of the game.

This unique foe looks completely different to any other type of Zombie in Outbreak. Rocking a bright pink mohawk and a spiked leather jacket, Ronald Raygun is hard to miss. The character even comes with his own distinct health bar, though it takes the same amount of damage to wipe him out.

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Upon knocking him down, Ronald Raygun drops a Ray Gun with 100 ammo. Rather than going through the conventional methods of obtaining the powerful weapon, this can get you a Ray Gun without any hassle whatsoever.

Where to find Ronald Raygun in Outbreak

Black Ops Cold War Outbreak Zombies gameplayActivision
Ronald Raygun can appear in any region.

In typical Zombies fashion, the easter egg is a little more convoluted than simply finding a Zombie on the map. For the time being, Ronald Raygun’s appearance is completely up to chance.

As a random spawn in Season 3, there’s a good chance it takes multiple games for the easter egg to appear. This means you can’t exactly hunt him down and base your run around the early Ray Gun pickup.

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He could spawn in when you least expect it, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for the rare mohawk Zombie.