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How to get Wonder Weapons in Black Ops Cold War Outbreak

Published: 3/Mar/2021 2:25

by Tanner Pierce


Black Ops Cold War fans have been enjoying everything that the new open-world Outbreak Zombies mode has too offer but the way you can get your hands on the legendary Wonder Weapons is a bit different compared to other maps and experiences. 

At this point, it’s safe to say that Outbreak is probably the most Zombies mode in Black Ops history. Between it’s open-world, unique gameplay objectives, and just general style of play, it separates itself from the other maps and modes in the game by a mile.

Another unique aspect about the mode is how you obtain Wonder Weapons, extremely powerful guns like the Ray Gun, DIE Shockwave, and the RAI K-84 that can help propel you into higher rounds, or in this case, objectives.


While it may share some methods with other games, players no longer have the option of building the weapon from scratch or completing an easter egg to find it.

Mystery Box

Like all other Zombies maps, players can find the Wonder Weapons in Mystery Boxes.

Similar to main maps, the simplest way that players can get their hands on Wonder Weapons in Outbreak is through the Mystery Box. Like every map in Zombies history, players can go and drop 950 points and hope for the chance of one of the three Wonder Weapons in the game.

It’s currently unclear what the chances are of getting the gun from the box using this method, but for the price you pay to use it, it’s the easiest way.



Trials can also give players a chance at Wonder Weapons.

Another simple way that players can get their hands on Wonder Weapons is through the Trials system.

In each map, players can find Trials computers that, for 500 points, allow you to complete an objective for rewards. These rewards can be a lot of things including Salvage parts but one of the bigger ones is Wonder Weapons.

Of course, the rewards given are based on how much of the objective you were able to complete and, as always, a little bit of luck.

That being said, you can get it through them method.

Boss Zombie drops

Bigger Zombies, like the Megaton, also have a chance of dropping Wonder Weapons.

The Boss Zombies in Outbreak also have a chance of dropping higher rarity items after they’ve been killed, including Wonder Weapons. These bosses can spawn in at certain points throughout your game, usually when completing certain objectives, so keep an eye out for them as they could be your path to a free weapon.


Of course, there’s no way to tell if a certain enemy will drop a certain item, however, the chance is always there should you come across them.


All 3 sizes of chests, and Gold Chests, all have a chance of dropping Wonder Weapons.

The final way that you can get Wonder Weapons in Outbreak is through chests. These chests come in a few different sizes but those sizes don’t seem to make a difference when it comes to what you get, just the amount that you get. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to get Wonder Weapons through them.

One notable exception is Gold Chests. These usually require you to complete a task before you can open them, however, they have a higher chance to spawn better items, meaning your chance of getting Wonder Weapons is also higher.


As of right now, that’s it. Unlike other modes in the game, there’s no guaranteed way to get your hands on a Wonder Weapon in the game and these are your only options.

Of course, should other methods come to light, we’ll update this piece accordingly, so keep it locked to this piece for the latest.