How to complete Warzone Blueprint Blitz challenge: Get Blueprints from past seasons


Warzone Season 4 Reloaded brought a lot of new content to the game but one of the things listed hasn’t been seen in-game, until now. Fans are excited as the high anticipated event Warzone Blueprint Blitz is finally here.

For weeks the community has been bothering Raven Software, asking when Blueprint Blitz was coming since it has been teased for quite some time.

This global event was announced during the Season 4 Reloaded patch but Activision had remained silent about it ever since.

With no announcement players noticed that a challenge labeled “Blueprint Blitz” was on the menu and Raven Software have now confirmed Blueprint Blitz is active in Warzone. Here is everything that you need to know before starting the event.

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How to complete Warzone Blueprint Blitz challenge event

The Blueprint Blitz event is now live and players have a week to earn up to 11 Blueprints.

Players have a week to complete this challenge to unlock weapon Blueprints. You can drop into either Battle Royale or Plunder and begin the challenges to unlock blueprints. Here’s a full breakdown of what needs to be done each game up to 11 times.

  1. Drop into Verndansk on BR or Plunder
  2. Pick up and complete two normal contracts
  3. Get the Contraband Contract and take it to the drop zone
  4. Protect the package from enemies until it has been successfully exfilled

So basically all a player needs to do for this challenge is complete two normal contracts in a single match. Once those are completed a Contraband Contract will spawn in appearing in the form of a briefcase. These are the contracts that will give you the weapon blueprints.

To permanently unlock the blueprint players must successfully extract the contract from the DZ. If done correctly players will now have access to it and can now equip it in the pre-game loadout class setup.

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Warzone Blueprint Blitz rewards

Red-Room Milano BlueprintActivision
If players can successfully extract a Contraband Contract they will earn Blueprints from previous seasons.

There are a lot of rewards available for the community. Players can earn up to 11 weapon blueprints through this in-game event. So far nothing has been confirmed on which specific blueprints can be unlocked but players can earn ones from previous seasons.

Also noted from the devs is that when successfully extracting the Contraband Contract, players will be awarded tons of cash for their current game. So this could be used at buy stations to help you win your current game in Verdansk.

The devs are trying to give the community a chance to earn old content that players might not have had the time to earn or simply didn’t play the game at that time.

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