Hilarious Warzone parachute trick lets players get easy kills


Some of the best Warzone plays result from the simplest ideas. One player went viral for showing off a questionable parachute trick on Caldera.

The Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update made massive balance updates to weapons and introduced multiple quality of life improvements. Assault rifles, the Serpentine Perk, and radar jammers all received much-needed nerfs.

Players praised the Season 4 Reloaded update, and the community enjoys the game’s current state. In saying that, Warzone players are flooding onto Reddit and posting funny or impressive gameplay clips.

Reddit’s latest viral Warzone clip shows off a player’s 200 IQ parachute play.

Warzone player shows off hilarious parachute trick

Warzone hot dropRaven Software/Activision
Dropping into hot spots will allow you to practice your aim and help you learn to cope with intense gunfights.

Reddit user Sycamonia posted a clip where they never deploy a parachute intending to eliminate any parachute noise. The player then used a self-revive and popped up to kill an unsuspecting enemy nearby.

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We do not recommend trying this strategy at home and expecting perfect results. To pull off the feat, you need a self-revive, and instead of pulling a parachute, you intentionally drop straight to the ground and down yourself.

The post received positive reviews from other players, who took this mechanic and began to theorize better ways to use it.

One player proposed a genius new mechanic, “you should really be able to knock someone by flying at them at max velocity. Would make end game buybacks hilarious.”

A second user joked, “yeah, that’s what I meant to do.”

Some players couldn’t believe how oblivious the player who got killed was.

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The most upvoted comment was, “this dude is playing on a TV with people around him, no headphones, and a beeping smoke detector.”

Intended or not, give this parachute trick a try for yourself. If you come across a player as oblivious in the clip above, you may have a good shot at pulling it off.