Hilarious Warzone bug shows why you shouldn’t call Loadout Drops on a train

Brad Norton
Warzone train gameplay

Loadout Drops have been quite problematic in Warzone lately and another new bug shows why you should never call one in while on a train cruising through Verdansk.

Loadout Drops are supposed to your saving grace in any given Warzone lobby. After saving up with your team, all of the most powerful weapons become available. Though things haven’t quite been working as intended of late.

Some Loadout bugs have made players invincible, others have frozen squads in place and ruined their matches. Now, there’s an over the top issue that comes when trying to call down your custom classes on a train.

The train has been a part of Verdansk for a few seasons now, and Loadout Drops have worked just fine. Since the latest update, however, you’re going to want to avoid mixing the two at all costs.

Early into a regular game on January 5, Reddit user ‘flaice’ was caught off guard by a series of mishaps. While standing on the moving train, they figured it was time to upgrade their equipment. Though upon throwing the Loadout marker, things were immediately off to a buggy start.

The player dropped their marker on one section of the train before it appeared well down the line. They had to navigate their way through and climb over some obstacles before getting to their drop.

When they got within range, things went from bad to worse. No prompt appeared on screen to let them equip a Loadout. It awkwardly pushed them away, glitched them down through the train momentarily, before eventually just killing them outright.

Their teammate couldn’t help but laugh in the moment. Though neither player could use the Loadout Drop they’d just saved up for. It was completely broken and clearly lethal.

Warzone trains
Trains have been a core part of the Warzone experience for a few seasons now, but Loadout Drops just don’t mix well.

Awkward geometry has had this effect in the past. Either launching players across the map or just slaughtering them on the spot. But it’s clear now that Loadout Drops don’t mix well with the many objects on the Verdansk train.

If you’ve got one ready, make sure you safely exit the vehicle before trying to call it in. The last thing you want is for your team to be laughing as your own Loadout Drop ends your run.

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