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Warzone loadout glitch is making players completely freeze

Published: 18/Dec/2020 16:05

by Ava Thompson-Powell


A new game-breaking glitch has been discovered in Warzone that renders players completely unable to defend themselves.

Warzone Season 1 dropped on December 16 and has garnered incredibly mixed reactions from fans and streamers alike.

Now, a new loadout glitch has arisen that prevents players from picking up their loadout stash when it drops into the map, opening them up to quick death if they’re unsure of what’s going on.

Loadout glitch leaves players stuck in the mud

Reddit user SgtScrambles shared a clip that shows a game-ending bug ruining his match on the new Rebirth Island map.

Went to get my loadout and the whole game acted like it was about to crash. When it came back I was unable to look or move. This needs to be addressed, it’s happened to me multiple times now. Only fix is to die or quit. from r/CODWarzone

The player states that they “went to get my loadout and the whole game acted like it was about to crash.”


Sprinting through the map towards their loadout as it drops from the sky, when approaching and interacting with it, the game appears to stutter and freeze momentarily before looking as if everything’s back to normal.

It’s quickly made evident that there’s still an issue, though, as the Reddit user is unable to do anything in-game at all other than stand by their loadout, completely frozen.

Rebirth Island
Activision / Treyarch
This new glitch proves devastating for the small Rebirth Island map.

User KingAzza has found a temporary fix to the glitch, however: “A quick fix I’ve found for now, is when it makes it through to select the loadout, wait like 10 seconds before selecting it.”


This fix, unfortunately, leaves players vulnerable and open to fire while they wait, and again indicates the urgency of how quickly this bug needs to be rectified.

Many players are also experiencing the glitch, with user hahaxoxohaha stating that keyboard players can avoid this happening by pressing a number to select a loadout, also allowing players to unfreeze.

While both of these fixes may provide a temporary way out of the loadout mess, it’s still something that has not, as of yet, been fixed or addressed by developers.