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Ridiculous Warzone bug makes self-revive useless after Season 6 update

Published: 30/Sep/2020 8:41

by Brad Norton


Warzone’s major Season 6 update is finally upon us, but things are a little shaky so far; bugs are rife in the latest patch, and one’s even making self-revives all but useless.

Warzone’s Season 6 overhaul nerfed two of the most controversial items, added two powerful weapons, and of course, a full 100-tier Battle Pass. However, the biggest talking point was the new subway system that has spread across Verdansk.

Players are able to head underground at seven new locations around the map to essentially fast-travel. Hopping on at one station will boost you through to another for the quickest means of transport in the battle royale. However, it appears as though the subway system is still working out a few kinks.


Instead of teleporting to another station, players have been dropped at random locations. Meanwhile, others have discovered a game-breaking exploit to secure some free wins. Another ridiculous bug has just joined the list as self-revives don’t quite work when you’re on the new underground trains.

Despite being knocked down inside the train itself, Reddit user ‘Joabyjojo’ was awkwardly pushed out to the station. From here, the screen went black as they used their self-revive before magically reappearing back in the train.

They were brought back to life without any tools at their disposal, however. Their loadout was gone, a secondary pistol wasn’t equipped, and they couldn’t even melee. Their character was completely useless after the self-revive took effect.


As a result, it wasn’t long before they were quickly gunned back down again. The trains aren’t supposed to travel until all threats in the area have been dealt with. Given that this player was knocked down, it makes sense for the screen to fade to black. The train was functioning properly as it set out after all enemies were taken care of. Though it clearly didn’t take the effects of self-revive into account.

At the time of writing, it seems as though there’s no real way to avoid this issue until a hotfix is deployed. If you happen to go down while on a train, be sure to wait for it to clear the station before using your self-revive in the near future.


Don’t self-revive on the subway I guess from CODWarzone

Infinity Ward is yet to address the issue as more pressing matters take center stage following the Season 6 patch. Plenty of players have reported frequent crashes since the major update, though a fix is being worked on behind the scenes.

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