Another Loadout Drop exploit is making Warzone players invincible again

Warzone gameplayActivision

There’s another critical Loadout Drop issue to worry about in Warzone now as players have uncovered a bug that allows them to sit inside and pick off enemies without taking damage.

Loadout Drops have been quite problematic in Warzone lately to say the least. From turning players invisible to outright freezing players and leaving them stuck. These don’t occur every game but they’re enough to have you worried.

The next time you call down your favorite Loadouts, there’s a good chance it could just ruin the match. Similar to a game-breaking exploit from November 2020, players are glitching inside of these powerful care packages once again.

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Originally, calling in the Loadout Drop directly overhead would let players sit inside and secure some easy wins. Despite the issue being patched on December 19, the same bug can come into effect without any manual input.

In the midst of a standard game on Rebirth Island, Reddit user ‘SyrianEiAD’ accidentally stumbled upon the bug. “I feel so dirty, but how did this happen?” They questioned.

After accessing the menu to select their Loadout, they were caught in some gunfire that broke their armor. Rather than staying in the line of fire and getting knocked down, however, something bizarre happened. They randomly glitched into the Loadout Drop and stopped taking damage.

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Looking around from all angles, they spotted multiple players that seemingly had no idea they were trapped inside. They couldn’t move around but they were able to freely shoot with their pistol.

Before long they were able to access Loadouts and make their way out of the cursed package, though not before securing kills while both invisible and invincible.

Warzone gameplayActivision
The issue that once plagued Verdansk has now appeared on Rebirth Island.

There’s no telling exactly how this instance of the previously fixed bug came to be. The original exploit involved some awkward collision when standing underneath the Loadout Drop. Though this glitch came into effect while taking damage. So it might not be quite as easy to recreate.

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Devs are yet to address the latest instance of the Warzone bug, but given how rapidly the last one was shut down, expect a patch to fix the newly-broken Loadout Drops again sooner rather than later.