H3CZ & Scump respond to “soft” CDL pros after backlash to OpTic tier list

Jacob Hale
hecz and scump cdl optic chicago

After receiving backlash from current and former Call of Duty pros over their tier list video, OpTic Chicago members H3CZ and Scump have responded, with H3CZ even calling them “soft.”

What started out as a seemingly innocent video caused much division among the Call of Duty community when it was released on January 11.

In it, a number of the OpTic members made a tier list of some of the biggest names in Call of Duty esports past and present, including the likes of legends such as BigTymer as well as current champions like Crimsix and Clayster.

We saw a number of names call out those in the video, including Clayster who traded blows with Dashy over it as well as Dallas Empire coach Rambo calling it out as “disrespectful” when FormaL suggested he should be in the D tier.

OpTic chicago team 2021 cdl season
H3CZ has brought OpTic back into his hands, and is already causing a stir ahead of the next CDL season.

All in all, it likely wasn’t meant to cause arguments, but it did so anyway, and the OpTic boys discussed it during the OpTic podcast on January 13.

H3CZ brought it up, asking if the others had seen the backlash, and while everyone there agreed it “wasn’t that bad,” Scump did also say that these reactions “are just going to happen” when you make a video like that.

H3CZ, on the other hand, had a different opinion, simply saying that “if you got offended, you’re f**king soft.”

Topic starts at 9:00

They went on to joke about FormaL “not giving a f**k” about what he said, which is probably a fair appraisal, and one of the major sources of the issues people had with the video.

Either way, no matter which side of the argument you fall on, the OpTic guys clearly don’t feel like they did anything wrong, but it will be interesting to see how these rivalries carry into the CDL launch on January 22-23.