ACHES calls CDL’s Scump tribute “extremely disrespectful” to Crimsix & Karma

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Two-time Call of Duty world champion Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price has called the Call of Duty League “disrespectful,” after he claimed they showed their gratitude and respect towards the retired Seth ‘Scump’ Abner — but failed to do the same for Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter or Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow.

On January 17, Scump shocked the Call of Duty world by announcing his retirement earlier than expected, calling it quits after OpTic Texas’ first batch of matches in Major 2 qualifiers.

What followed was an outpouring of support from fans, content creators, pros, retired players, professional athletes, and more.

Naturally, as the face of the game for over a decade now, the CDL itself paid its respects too, putting together video packages and highlight reels to show between matches.

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While many fans loved to see the moments of Scump throughout the years, it didn’t quite sit right with some people, due mainly to other legends of the game not getting similar treatment.

As ACHES said in the latest episode of the Reverse Sweep podcast, he actually found it “extremely disrespectful” that Crimsix and Karma failed to get the same treatment that Scump did.

“I know that Scump is by far and away, the most important — him and Nadeshot — to the Call of Duty competitive space ever,” he explained. “But I do want to call out the CDL here, because it’s honestly extremely disrespectful that they’ve done this.

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“When I retired, nothing. When Crim retired, nothing. When Damon retired, nothing. Obviously Seth got, as he should, as every player should, got their moment and recognition where a big deal was made … There’s been a ton of legendary Call of Duty players who put 10+ years of their life into this space, into making this community everything that it could be. And they were never given their flowers by the CDL.”

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Obviously, Scump is Call of Duty’s biggest name, so it’s no surprise that the CDL would pull out all the bells and whistles for this huge moment in COD esports history.

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However, according to Crimsix’s former coach DREAL, there were plans for a commemorative piece similar to that for Scump — but it never saw the light of day.

While Scump may now be retired, he’s not out of the Call of Duty scene completely: in fact, his CDL Watch Party for qualifiers this past weekend was peaking higher than the official COD League stream.