OpTic Gaming CoD team hit best Modern Warfare 3 clips so far

Rory Teale
Scump Shotzzy MW3

OpTic Gaming Call of Duty players and content creators Scump and Shotzzy have hit some Modern Warfare 3 clips that have sent fans crazy.

Modern Warfare 3 has officially started its beta, with pros and casuals enjoying the third game in the Modern Warfare trilogy and using the fast-paced movement mechanics and perks like “battle rage” to try to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Clips have surfaced all over the internet of players going on crazy sprees, hitting 360 no-scopes, and showing off insane grenade set-ups all on the returning “OG” maps.

However, Shotzzy and Scump have been showcasing why the pros deserve their notoriety in the CoD community, going on quickscoping sprees and getting Nukes.

Shotzzy goes on quickscoping spree

Shotzzy shared a clip to Twitter of him demolishing enemies on Highrise in a clip that had fans wowed.

Shottzy slide-canceled and spun his way to get four quickscope kills in quick succession. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes, seeing someone who looked to have mastered sniping in the game before it had even released: “LOCKED TF IN OMG if that happened to me and it was Shotzzy I’m uninstalling immediately.”

People also praised Shottzy for hitting the clip against some tough, skilled enemies, like FaZe Scope: “Literally DOOKIED on Scope and Testy,” one fan commented.

Scump wows with Modern Warfare 3 Nuke

Shottzy wasn’t the only player from the OpTic Gaming team who was showing off their immense talent, as Scump managed to drop a Nuke within his first day of touching the new CoD release.

To get the nuke players have to earn 24 gun kills, and in typical Scump fashion, the “King” managed to breeze past the opposing team, flanking behind the enemy team on the rooftops to get his last kills, ending the game in a blaze of fire as his Nuke dropped.

But, with Scump being one of the most decorated Call of Duty players of all time, fans expected nothing less: “Doesn’t surprise me the king drops a nuke day one of the beta” one said.

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