CDL pro Clayster sparks controversy after heated argument on stage

Carver Fisher

Veteran CDL pro Clayster got into an argument with Scrap following their clash at CDL Major 4, an argument that escalated into Clayster saying some things he’d later have to apologize for.

Call of Duty has long been known as a game where people will trash talk each other, and that heat has been present in the CDL since its inception.

Though the individual matches between the Atlanta Ravens and Toronto Ultra were close, the series wasn’t. Ravens dropped the series without taking a single map, leading Toronto Ultra star Scrap to get in an argument with Clayster.

The two of them bantered back and forth, talking some smack and calling each other out. However, in the eyes of many, Clayster took it too far.

Scrap said Clayster was “dogsh*t” and claimed he should retire, to which Clayster responded by saying, “kill yourself”.

“IRL ‘kys’ is crazy,” said one Twitter user.

“That trash talk was brutal,” said another.

Clayster apologized almost immediately after getting off stage, saying he was “caught up in the moment”.

“Emotions got the better of me, never an excuse but my bad for saying what I said. Didn’t mean it, just caught up in the moment, and didn’t meant to minimize the severity of something so serious. Trash talking is one thing but there’s crossing a line so I wanted to say sorry.”

Scrap has since responded in an interview with Ace Abedi, saying that he and Clay are still on terms. He understood where Clayster was coming from and why he may be heated considering his CDL run is over.

“It’s never personal with me. I like Clay, Clay’s a good person. It’s definitely a harsh situation for him, season’s over. It is what it is. In the moment, a little trash talk, he didn’t wanna fist bump me but… I’m sure we’ll talk.”