CoD fans bombard CDL & Activision with demands to free Scump

Daniel Appleford
Scump in a tournamnet

Call of Duty League fans have flooded Twitter and YouTube chat with appeals for Activision to “free Scump” following a copyright strike against his stream on December 15.

OpTic Gaming’s Scump has been a pillar of the CoD community for the past decade. First as a professional player and now as a content creator. 

Scump retired from professional play during the early stages of the 2021 season and put his efforts into creating watch-parties for the events and matches. 

Popular podcast The Flank and Scump were hit with legal issues earlier in December regarding the content they were showing on their Twitch streams. This legal battle reached a fever pitch on December 15 when Activision officially took down Scump’s stream.  Now the community is rallying for his return.

Shortly after having his stream be removed from all platforms, the hashtag ‘#freescump’ began trending on Twitter/X. This was in retaliation for Activation taking down the main source of viewership for the CDL and the hate spread to the CDL YouTube chat as well.

On December 16 before the matches took place, hundreds of comments flooded the CDL YouTube stream chat with the phrase ‘Free Scump’. 

Scump made no official statement regarding the strike that happened on December 15. However he did take to Twitter/X to announce that he would be live again – This time on YouTube only.

Activision nor CDL have made any statements either surrounding the stream takedown or Scump.

This means fans will have no choice but to sit back and enjoy the remaining matches of the weekend without the input of their favorite streamer.

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