Game-breaking Warzone glitch lets player see through walls

Game-breaking Warzone glitch lets player see through wallsActivision

Warzone players are no strangers to running into game-breaking bugs. Verdansk has been filled with glitches that heavily impact the game, and this latest one made a player look like a hacker.

As part of playing on PC, Warzone allows a lot of customization such as FOV slider, texture quality, and even more video settings. These are fully customizable to allow a player to get the highest FPS possible on PC and allow your game to run smoother.

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Having good FPS will take away chances of screen tearing and will increase performance and how fast your game renders in things when playing. However, even with all these settings, there are still chances for graphics to glitch out.

This latest bug could make everyone think that you are one of the hackers running around the streets of Verdansk.

Dexerto/Infinity Ward
This latest Warzone bug is causing player’s graphics to bug out.

Warzone graphic glitch gives players wallhacks

There are many ways to take on a gunfight while playing Warzone, but while this player was playing a normal game of trios with his squad they suddenly were given a huge advantage that hasn’t been seen before.

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In a clip posted by ‘js0uthh’, the player’s graphics started to bug out and buildings, walls, and objects started to blink in and out revealing opponents behind walls.

While the walls are bugging out, you can hear the player starting to communicate with their squad that they can see the enemy and exactly where the person is running.

At one point you hear them completely mindblown that this is happening because he isn’t hacking but he basically has wallhacks.

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It is unknown what causes this to happen but with players complaining about video settings and graphic card issues in Warzone, it is rumored to be an issue revolving around those manners.

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