Game-breaking Warzone 2 bug leaves players trapped underwater

Jake Nichols
Warzone operator fighting in the water.

A Call of Duty: Warzone 2 player has highlighted the ongoing issues with the game’s water combat mechanics in an alarming video, one that shows them falling victim to a run-ending underwater bug.

The footage shows the player attempting to swim but ultimately becoming hopelessly trapped underwater, leading to their in-game death by drowning.

This incident appears to be another feather in the cap of community discontent regarding Warzone 2’s “busted” water combat system. As previously covered, the introduction of water combat and movement in Warzone’s sequel has faced heavy criticism since its implementation, adding yet another layer of challenge to the immersive battle royale game.

The community has been loud and clear with their concerns, flagging various issues in recent months, from visibility qualms and questionable underwater melee strength to unfair advantages given to submerged players.

However, it hasn’t been all doom and gloom in the aquatic arena of Warzone 2. Despite the widespread issues, the water combat has led to some truly epic moments that have stunned even the most seasoned players.

One such instance comes from battle royale legend Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas. Known for his stellar gameplay, HusKerrs has used the water to his advantage, pulling off an incredible 1v12 underwater clutch that had his teammates and the gaming community in awe.

But despite the exciting moments it can create, the Warzone 2 community remains divided on water combat mechanics. Voicing their frustrations on Reddit, many players have expressed their growing dissatisfaction with water mechanics in Warzone 2.

And now, this video clip of a drowning player, who, despite desperate attempts, could not escape the watery prison, adds weight to the community’s call for Activision to reassess its water combat dynamics.

While it is yet to be seen how Activision will address this game-breaking incident, it’s clear that players are urging for changes or even the complete removal of these water features.

Until then, the best advice seems to be to avoid the waterways, or you too, may find yourself helplessly submerged in the depths of Warzone 2’s troubled waters.

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