Warzone 2 players divided over gameplay change: “Fighting in water should be a last resort”

Warzone operator fighting in the water.Activision

Warzone 2 introduced swimming and diving mechanics, and to this day it remains highly divisive as some claim it provides an unfair advantage.

The sequel to the standalone Call of Duty battle royale expanded on the water combat and water movement options from the original Warzone.

However, the feature has divided the player base with many claiming players under the water have a massive advantage over those who are not in it, as players not that characters under the water are hard to see and are immune to gunfire at certain depths.

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One player recorded an infuriating encounter on Ashika Island’s waterways where they could not hit a player diving under the water who kept calling in airstrikes.

Warzone 2 players puzzled by the water combat dynamics

An April 9 post on the CODWarzone Reddit by hellarios852 highlights how the water mechanics can be used to escape enemy players’ slight line and even call in killstreaks.

The post, which is titled: “Ground to water combat is terrible… how do I not get at least a single hit marker,” features footage of the Redditor shooting at a swimming player with an assault rifle, not hitting a single shot according to the game.

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One player responded: “yea, unless someone is right on top of the water it seems you can’t hit them.”

A second user argued: “fighting while in water should be a last resort with massive drawbacks.”

Community members also pointed out that players diving under the water become very hard to track while the diving player has great visibility, offering the player in water plenty of chances to catch the other player unprepared when they surface.

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Players agree that swimming has its uses but could use some changes. “They should have just made it like Blackout. It was essentially shoot underwater and vice versa for up to 2 meters both ways. Any gun as well, it made for great underwater end of storm fights and clutch wins,” suggested one comment.

Next time you are fighting your way through Ashika remember to stay away from the water as enemies could surprise you at a drop of a hat.

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