Warzone 2 players are calling out the “busted” in-game water combat mechanics


Warzone 2 players are calling out the game’s “busted” water combat system, which has been a major point of criticism since the game’s release.

When the sequel to Call of Duty’s Warzone came out, there were many expansions and additions to the game. One of those is an entirely new mechanic on water combat and movement which once weren’t available to the player. 

However, the mechanics have not been going over well for players. Although water combat is rare, it is not unavoidable, and players who find themselves in the midst of a gunfight in water have been vocal about the problems. 

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In a Reddit thread on the Warzone 2 forum, a player listed out the problems which they faced when having to fight underwater. For one, they criticized the lack of indicators for when an enemy is with them. Pointing out enemies makes no sound, nor are they very visible underwater. 

Warzone has a history of its audio indicators of enemies not being very good, so by extension water combat also has the same problems. 

Warzone 2 players frustrated at unbalanced water mechanics

Additionally, they point out the hilarity of your operator being strong enough to melee underwater, but not use a gun. Which is partially true, as you can use a handgun underwater but not rifles. You can actually fire modern rifles underwater in real life, a commentor pointed out. 

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This is not the only problem players are facing when it comes to water combat in Warzone. We wrote about another player also facing problem with it, this time finding problems with not being able hit a enemy properly. 

In addition, due to the poor indications of players being underwater, it can be very surprising to find yourself in the middle of a surprise attack by a enemy. 

So next time you’re making your way around Ashika Island, try to steer clear of the waters.

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