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Frustrating Warzone wall glitch is back and ruining games

Published: 8/Dec/2020 11:35 Updated: 8/Dec/2020 11:47

by James Busby


A familiar bug is currently ruining many games in Warzone, denying squads and solo players the chance of a well-earned victory.  

Warzone is notoriously competitive and it requires a huge amount of teamwork and game knowledge to pull off a dominant victory. If that wasn’t enough, players must also contend with numerous game-breaking bugs, exploits, and hackers when they queue up for games. From the recent unlimited Juggernaut exploit to the infamous ‘demon gun glitch’, there have been several problems that have plagued Warzone since its launch. 

However, numerous Warzone players are now reporting the return of an old Season 1 bug that has reared its head once again. This notorious glitch has been floating around Verdansk for a while now and it seems Activision has yet to patch it. If you wish to avoid being eliminated by pesky squads using this glitch, then be sure to read all the details below. 


Garage glitch Warzone
It’s now best to avoid Warzone garages entirely…

Reddit user, Irons21 and his squadmate had been looting in Hills when they came across an entire squad using this wall glitch. At first, everything looks normal and the player simply scours the area for money in order to buy his two teammates back. However, upon entering the garage he notices a parked jeep. 

As soon as Irons21 steps a single foot into the garage, a hail of shotgun rounds and assault rifle fire spew out of the wall. At first, it looks like the enemy squad is hacking, but it’s only until we see the killcam that the exploit is finally revealed. 


“What the f**ck is this”, the player cries as they quickly realize that an entire enemy squad had been shooting at them from within the confines of the garage wall. The glitch is incredibly easy to pull off and only requires players to simply park a vehicle next to the garage wall, then look at the garage and get out of the truck. 

While this glitch may be incredibly easy to pull off, it’s also very easy to counter. All you have to do is simply blow up the vehicle next to the wall. This will trap the enemy squad inside, forcing them to exit the game entirely or die to the gas. 


Activision has yet to make an official statement on this glitch, so make sure you stay well away from any of the game’s garages and nearby buildings that have cars/trucks parked next to them. 

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