Infamous Warzone ‘demon gun glitch’ is back in Season 5

Infinity Ward

Unfortunately for Warzone players, the infamous ‘demon gun glitch’ has returned, despite Infinity Ward releasing a patch that was meant to eradicate the bug. 

Despite the frequency with which some Warzone bugs have affected players, none have been as pervasive as the ‘demon gun glitch’.

Following the Season 5 launch at the start of August, many players experienced the bug, which distorts the player’s gun model and obscures large portions of the screen.

Given the severity of the issue, Infinity Ward pushed through a patch at high speed, which sought to fix the issue. This patch released on August 15 and, for most players, appeared to sort the problems.

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Warzone character shooting in StadiumInfinity Ward
Warzone Season 5 has had many glitches.

However, it appears that the glitch can still occur in certain scenarios, as popular streamer and Warzone competitor MuTeX found out on August 22.

While enjoying some Quads in front of his large Twitch following, the streamer picked up an enemy’s HDR sniper rifle, only to find it was afflicted with the aforementioned glitch, instantly obscuring much of his screen.

“What?” he shouted. “I got the f**king gun glitch! What?” He was forced to abandon the sniper rifle and continue with the Origin 12 shotgun which, as anyone who’s played Warzone will know, is not the ideal weapon for any situation.

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Infinity Ward are yet to reply to the most recent incarnation of the ‘demon gun glitch’, but it’s fair to say that its frequency has reduced significantly since the August 15 patch went live. However, it now seems to be affecting certain weapons, like the affected HDR MuTeX tried to pick up.

Whether another patch is in the works remains to be seen, but we’ll be the first to update you as the situation becomes clearer.

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