Unlimited Juggernaut exploit in Warzone found with duplication glitch

. 2 years ago
Juggernaut in Warzone
Infinity Ward

As if one Juggernaut running around in Warzone matches wasn’t enough, a new ‘duplication glitch’ is allowing teams to multiply their Juggernaut drops, even leading to 4-man squads all kitted out with the armor and minigun.

Juggernauts have been a contentious issue since their introduction to Warzone, to say the least. Players fortunate enough to get one will be kitted out with a massive increase to health, making them almost impossible to kill unless multiple teams rain down gunfire and killstreaks on their head.

Suffice to say, if you have a Juggernaut on your team, you have all but guaranteed victory. Now imagine a team entirely consisting of Juggernauts, and it becomes a new nightmare altogether. That’s exactly what is now possible, thanks to a new exploit allowing for the duplication of items.

Call Of Duty Juggernaut Warzone
Activision, Infinity Ward
Players are getting increasingly frustrated with the prevelance of Juggernauts in Warzone.

The exploit was highlighted by YouTuber Cable44, with a video entitled “Warzone UNLIMITED JUGGERNAUTS (sadly not clickbait).”

Essentially, players simply need to have a killstreak and Juggernaut drop. By swapping the two items, with very specific timing, the game will actually duplicate them, rather than replace them outright.

“The timing can be very difficult, but as you can see from this video, I was able to throw about 12-14 Juggernauts in the matter of a couple of minutes.”

Thankfully, the exploit is slightly tricky due to the timing required, but certainly not impossible for a player to pull off in a real game.

Clearly, this requires attention from the developers very quickly, as an exploit as powerful as this is likely to spread like wildfire throughout the player-base.

Videos of four-man juggernaut squads ruining matches have already surfaced on social media, highlighting just how deadly it can be.

Warzone already suffers from enough problems with actual hackers and cheaters, and so resolving an exploit like this, which could be achieved by anyone, will be a high priority.

Of course, we don’t recommend trying this for yourself – the developers would be well within their rights to issue punishments to players found to have abused this exploit, which could include account bans.

Another recent exploit with the Juggernauts allowed them to buy infinite self-revive from buy stations too.

Whether Juggernauts are set for a nerf or removal remains to be seen, but this hardly likely to soften the community’s stance towards them.

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