FaZe Jev claims Warzone Pacific Heartbeat Sensor nerf will make people quit

faze jev and a heartbeat sensorActivision, FaZe Jev

The Heartbeat Sensor has long been the bane of many in Call of Duty: Warzone. The sophisticated piece of technology provides players with crucial information on the position of enemy players. However, it’s confirmed that the hardware is set to be nerfed in Warzone Pacific, and FaZe Jev thinks this could repel players.

Whether it’s an endgame scenario or a random point of a game, a Heartbeat Sensor will usually come in handy. At the press of a button, players can whip out a screen that automatically pinpoints any non-Ghosted players in a 50-meter radius.

They are pretty much the go-to piece of equipment for Warzone players, and it seems to be time for a change in the Pacific update. The devs have confirmed a nerf is incoming, but haven’t described how. This could see the end of Heartbeat Sensors being used and will leave many players out in the cold. FaZe Jev thinks these changes will make players “quit the game.”

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warzone player holding a heartbeat sensorActivision
Will Heartbeat Sensors merely become a memento from Warzone’s past?

FaZe Jev thinks Heartbeat Sensor nerf will turn players away

In his December 5, 2021 YouTube video, FaZe Jev was spectating some Warzone gameplay and voiced his opinion on the Heartbeat Sensor.

“You remove Heartbeat Sensors from this game and you remove any kind of awareness most players have, they’re gonna quit the game I’m telling you right now. They’re gonna find every excuse, if the Heartbeat Sensor truly does just run out of battery or something like that, they’re gonna straight up quit the game,” said Jev.

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It’s an interesting take for sure as many players are quite reliant on the Heartbeat Sensor. Jev thinks that many players will dislike Caldera, but blame other supposed failings to mask the loss of Heartbeat Sensors.

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“Warzone just isn’t it anymore, I don’t know, I’m just not digging the update,” Jev said in a mocking manner. Jev does go on to say that Caldera looks like it has “a lot more fields” and this could mean a lot more attacking gameplay.

Warzone Pacific’s new Cladera map is set to go live on December 8, and it remains to be seen how much the Heartbeat Sensor nerf hurts the game.