FaZe Jev explains why Vanguard is better than Modern Warfare

YouTube: FaZe Jev/Activision

The Call of Duty: Vanguard beta has now finished ahead of its official launch on November 5, and FaZe Clan’s Jev is already convinced it’s a better game than 2019 title Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare was a pretty divisive game when it first launched. It’s one of the most successful releases in Call of Duty history, but made a number of changes to gameplay features that players still debate almost two years later.

With the news that Vanguard would be staying on the same engine as Modern Warfare and Warzone, however, most fans were delighted.

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Now, they’ve got their first taste of Vanguard, and there’s a lot of discussion about the game — including how it compares to Modern Warfare. Jev, despite only playing the beta version of the game, already believes it’s better.

vanguard call of duty squad spawns spawn trapActivision
The Vanguard beta is over, but it’s already receiving high praise.

Several players have suggested that this might be the case, but Jev is one of the first big content creators to come out and say that they think Vanguard will be better.

“I think Vanguard’s better than Modern Warfare,” he said after discussing some comparisons between the recent Call of Duty titles. “With four maps and less than 20 weapons available, this multiplayer experience is better than Modern Warfare’s multiplayer experience.

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“Design-wise it blows it out of the water. It’s not even close. This game, even with terrible spawns and all the s*it that’s going on with it, still literally make it a better game. I would rather get spawned into gunfire than have my character get spawned across the map every single time I die to someone sitting in a window… The pace [in Modern Warfare] was the most disgusting thing.”

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Jev doesn’t make it a secret that he disliked the Modern Warfare season, so it’s not a complete surprise to see him say he prefers Vanguard already.

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That said, it’s a pretty bold statement. Many players’ opinions change between the beta and the full launch of the game, and Jev could be the same, but he seems incredibly sure of what he’s saying.

Vanguard launches on November 5, so we’ll have to wait until then for a full verdict but, if Jev’s thoughts are anything to go by, it could be a pretty good year.

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