DrLupo’s list of Warzone 2 fixes includes proximity chat, looting, and DMZ mode

Josh Tyler
DrLupo Warzone 2

Streamer DrLupo is among the many who have tried out Warzone 2 and the new DMZ mode, and he has some thoughts on improvements that are needed.

DrLupo came to fame thanks to his reputation as a battle royale player back in the hey-day of games like H1Z1 and the height of Fortnite’s popularity.

Since then, he’s moved more towards tactical shooters like Escape from Tarkov, but he’s kept his BR roots alive by playing games like Fortnite and even Call of Duty’s battle royale, Warzone.

With the launch of Warzone 2 on November 16, DrLupo of course had to give the newest battle royale a go and had a few thoughts of what could be fixed.

DrLupo gives his thoughts on Warzone 2 and DMZ improvements

In a Twitter thread, DrLupo laid out his many thoughts on what Warzone 2 developers Raven Software and Infinity Ward could do to improve the game.

While general technical fixes like games crashing were high among his complaints, he also pointed out some problem areas that other Warzone players have been struggling with.

Chief among these is the looting system, which has been called out for constantly being buggy and difficult to navigate.

DrLupo isn’t the only major streamer to voice this opinion, as Dr Disrespect called the looting system “atrocious” on launch day.

He also noted that there are issues with proximity chat that can make it seem deceptive as to where and how close an enemy is. Lupo noted that making it fade as enemies got further away and making it directional would be huge helps.

But perhaps the most important suggestions Lupo had were surrounding the newly-added DMZ mode.

Given that DMZ is styled after those tactical shooters like Escape from Tarkov, Lupo’s unique expertise on these two genres coming together would certainly be an opinion that the Warzone 2 developers should pay attention to.

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