Warzone 2 proximity chat is catching stream snipers red-handed on Twitch

Warzone character in mask looking at phoneActivision

Warzone 2’s new proximity chat has already exposed a handful of stream snipers, but Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier had one of the most explosive interactions yet.

Whenever a big-name streamer drops into a game, they can expect plenty of resistance from the opposition. Some opponents might up their game knowing they’re being broadcast to the world, while others are purposely trolling.

The latter of these are commonly found to be stream sniping. They’ll have the streamer’s broadcast up and try to find them over and over again to cause headaches. Typically, though, they end up getting banned if they reveal themselves to be stream snipers.

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With the launch of Warzone 2, Activision has unintentionally joined the fight against stream snipers with the addition of proximity chat. Sure, the in-game chat feature is meant for trash-talking, but it almost means you can give your trolling intentions away.

Symfunhy battles stream snipers in Warzone 2 proximity chat

Symfunhy found himself in that exact situation on the first day of Warzone 2, as his squad ran into an enemy team that was watching his stream.

To the surprise of Sym’s team, the enemy squad called out their locations and said they were watching his every step. “What the f**k! They’re stream sniping,” the former NRG Fortnite star called out.

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As the two squads engaged other each other, the trash-talking ramped up with all sorts of expletives being thrown out. Though, it was the streaming squad who came out as the victors, sending the trolls straight to the Gulag.

The stream snipers attempted to land back on Sym and his teammates after respawning, but they were unable to meet up again. Which, was probably a positive for the stream snipers.

As noted, Sym isn’t the only one to get stream sniped and hear about it through in-game chat, and he won’t be the last. It is certainly going to bring a new dynamic to the battle royale as it moves forward.

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