Dr Disrespect discovers “atrocious” problem with Warzone 2 on launch day

Dr Disrespect Looting Warzone 2YouTube: DrDisrespect, Call of Duty

Dr Disrespect is already on fire with opinions about Warzone 2, slamming the game’s looting issues.

The former level designer for Call of Duty games turned world-famous streamer, Doc has no shortage of opinions on the series’ battle royale game Warzone.

He was incredibly outspoken during the first version of the game, calling out the developers for underwhelming events and poorly-designed mechanics.

Dr Disrespect has been particularly outspoken about Warzone 2’s new DMZ mode, and has even predicted that Warzone 2 will fail due to the newly-added AI enemies. Now that Warzone 2 is live, though, Doc has some opinions about issues with the BR’s gameplay.

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Dr Disrespect blasts Warzone 2’s looting system

During one of his first matches on Warzone 2’s launch day, a common theme of Doc’s comments were his dislike of the new looting system.

Unlike in the original Warzone, now when players loot a downed they will only drop their primary weapon, leaving the player to go through the corpse’s backpack.

Dr Disrespect was clearly frustrated with the new looting system, saying on multiple occasions that he thought it was “atrocious.”

Dr Disrespect shouting at screen in front of YouTube backgroundYouTube: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect has some strong feelings on Warzone 2’s looting.

After running into issues with the system a few times, Doc laid it out there when getting lost in a dead player’s inventory.

“I don’t know what the f**k I’m looking at…I don’t even know…this looting experience, though, it’s something else. It’s atrocious. I mean it’s awful.”

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Given his opinion of this looting system and some of the comments he made throughout the stream, it seems quite likely that Doc’s own in-development game, Deadrop, will have a very different looting system than Warzone 2.

Other than the looting system, though, Dr Disrespect seems to be having a good time playing Warzone 2. But he’d definitely like to see a better looting system in place.