CouRage wrecks Warzone 2 enemies with hilarious proximity chat trick

Josh Tyler
Warzone 2 CouRage

CouRage is already having fun on day one of Warzone 2, showing some unwitting enemies why proximity chat can be deadly.

Warzone 2 is finally here, letting players of all skill levels finally explore Al Mazrah and all the new features that were added.

One such new feature is proximity chat, which allows players to pick up the comms of nearby enemies and even interact.

While the purpose of this feature is to make the Warzone experience more immersive, and make squads a bit more careful with their words, it can also be dangerous to unsuspecting players, as CouRageJD and TimTheTatman revealed.

CouRage uses Warzone 2 proximity chat to trick enemies

In a Warzone 2 game, users were able to catch a hilarious interaction between CouRageJD, his teammate TimtheTatman, and an unwitting enemy.

Shared by CharlieIntel on Twitter, the clip shows the duo in an intense firefight with one enemy. But once they recognized Tim’s voice, the tenor of the fight changed.

“Yo, I promise I’m not coming in there, let’s be friends,” the Warzone player said to the streamers, trying to form some sort of peaceful agreement between the two.

But CouRage giggled as he forms an idea.

“Actually guys, we want to test a new thing. You can join each other’s squads. You guys want to join our squad?”

The enemies, clearly thrilled with the idea of playing alongside Tim and CouRage, agreed and CouRage tells them about this new feature they want to test.

“Open your ping wheel… you’ll see that you can request to join someone’s squad. We won’t kill you, come to our building.”

Now this feature, known as Assimilation, is a legitimate option for Warzone players who have lost their teammates, so it wasn’t ridiculous for these enemies to believe CouRage. Unfortunately, just because they can join an enemy squad doesn’t mean the enemy will let them.

Sure enough, when the enemy walked up to CouRage and opened their ping wheel to request to join, CouRage took the opportunity to secure a point-blank headshot.

“Welcome to Warzone 2 b***ch,” he cackled, even as Tim noted how mean CouRage was to trick those unsuspecting foes.

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