Dr Disrespect has wild idea to split Warzone players by inputs and it may just work

Dr Disrespect rubs face next to Warzone operator.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Raven Software

Dr Disrespect has pitched a wild idea to split Warzone lobbies by peripherals, with controller and mouse & keyboard players separated into separate playlists balanced around their chosen inputs ⁠— and really, it may just work.

The two-time has been searching for ways to “save” the Call of Duty battle royale from its slow death, and is getting mighty close to calling time on Warzone.

He may have just uncovered a solution though: according to Dr Disrespect, splitting Warzone lobbies by inputs might be the future for the battle royale. And, in a wild twist, the YouTube star thinks Raven Software should even do different patches for the playlists.

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“Design specific playlists, like Halo did,” he suggested.

“Halo had dedicated PC playlists, you play against PC players only. Then on console, the same. Peripherals, split by peripherals… then build around those lobbies.”

Dr Disrespect looks stunned while playing Warzone.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The streamer was struck by a genius idea after dying to a Warzone controller player.

Dr Disrespect’s idea was first sparked after he went tête-à-tête with a skilled Warzone controller player ⁠— an input difference he claimed changed the gunfight.

“You’re lucky you’re on controller!” he seethed.

The Doc’s “unlucky” death got the two-time thinking, however, and as he battled his way out of the Caldera gulag, he laid out a plan he thinks could help Warzone: “What do you guys think of the game catering to peripherals? Take the [playlists now], and then split them up by peripherals, right?

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“Have specific playlists. Fine-tune how the weapons feel, what weapons are powerful. The meta of the game can be catered towards peripheral use.”

More and more Warzone players are switching to the sticks as 2022 rolls on.

There’s some obvious issues with slicing the Warzone player base right down the middle though, and the two-time knew it. One of the battle royale’s selling points is queue times and they would take a mighty hit if Raven Software divided the game based on what inputs were plugged in.

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“You need a huge player base, yeah,” he conceded.

There’s no clear solution to that problem either, the Doc added. Making a combined playlist only compounds the issue, and if one lobby starts to slide ⁠— either controller or M&KB ⁠— the game suffers as a whole.

“That’s where it gets tricky. You don’t want to start dividing the community. I would like to think a company could do that, but [it’s] gotta be a massive game.”

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The Doc has come up with plenty of different ways to save Warzone over the past few months, ranging from a Solos rework, a Caldera replacement, and even just scrapping the battle royale entirely, but this one is a totally new angle. 

He concedes it would be a huge undertaking, but one that could breathe new life into playlists dominated by aim assist. “It’s disgusting the advantage controller players have,” the disgruntled two-time said in the past.

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Now is the perfect time for Warzone suggestions too; Raven Software just announced a battle royale sequel that’s expected to reset the Call of Duty series.

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