Dr Disrespect demands Warzone solos overhaul amid “horrendous” Caldera experience

. 5 months ago
dr disrespect in warzone caldera map
Dr Disrespect/Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect is still desperate to see some major changes made to Warzone solos as he’s not completely in love with Caldera. 

When Warzone’s new Caldera map was revealed, plenty of players were excited to descend on the Pacific paradise and get away from Verdansk. However, it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing.

In the case of Dr Disrespect – who has been critical about the Call of Duty battle royale for quite some time – he’s not a lover of Caldera and wants a new map to replace it already.

On top of that, the YouTube streamer has also urged the developers to rework a few of the modes, including Solos – bringing back some ideas he’s had for a while.

Twitch: DrDisrespect
The Doc is never one to shy away from having his opinion on things.

During his January 12 stream, The Two-Time dove into some solos action as he waited for some of his usual teammates to get online. However, it didn’t take long for him to have some issues with the mode and his enemies.

“God, the solo f**king experience is awful. It’s horrendous,” The Doc said as he headed back to the main menu and offered up some solutions – some more serious than others.

“Here’s the answer, implement this by next week and it’d be easy. Cut down the amount of time between circles by like 80%. Number two, allow us to buy our loadout for $5000 right when I get the $5000. Number three, delete the map and build a new one. Number four, let’s pass the franchise off… at this point, let’s just test a new studio in the Activision empire. Like, let’s hand it over to High Moon.”

Timestamp of 1:13:05

Speeding up the solo experience has been on Doc’s list of wanted changes for quite some time, but the devs haven’t buckled just yet.

They did recently confirm that they’re looking into the pacing of games on Caldera, as it has been an annoyance for players. So, The Two-Time might finally get his wish.

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