NICKMERCS is finally back playing Warzone again but don’t expect it to last long

Nickmercs stunned by Warzone.Twitch: NICKMERCS / Raven Software

Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff is finally back playing Warzone again after dramatically ditching the game in late August, but don’t expect it to last ⁠— the Twitch star still has a pile of problems with the Call of Duty battle royale he once played every day.

The 31-year-old Twitch star was one of Call of Duty’s biggest content creators before he abandoned ship in August last year, trading Warzone for Apex Legends.

Ever since, his MFAM fans have been begging him to make a return to the battle royale, despite him remaining adamant he was “done”. Now, on January 20, the Twitch star has bowed to demands ⁠— kind of ⁠— and returned to Warzone in a long-awaited comeback.

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Only, don’t expect it to last long, he warns.

“Am I back on CoD?” NICKMERCS was asked midway through his broadcast, before dashing Warzone fans’ hopes. “No, I’m playing with Cloak, that’s it right now.”

NICKMERCS yells into his Twitch camera.Twitch: NICKMERCS
The former Warzone star staged a one-day return to the game on January 20.

⁠The main issue, NICKMERCS explained, is that he just isn’t enjoying any aspect of the battle royale right now. Jumping in for “short bursts” isn’t so bad, and he “actually had a bit of fun,” but doesn’t want to come back full-time.

That’s obviously at odds right now with what many of his long-time fans want from his streams, but Kolcheff refuses to back down on his Warzone stance. Even worse, he adds, is that if he plays Call of Duty for “just a bit” then viewers beg him “harder and harder” to go back again.

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“Look, I don’t know,” the 31-year-old said. “It’s just the 1940s sh**, not even really Caldera either. It’s just the wrap [Warzone] has it on it [right now]. Like, why are we in the 1940s playing this stupid f**king game?

“I don’t get it… why? It’s so bad,” he continued, before admitting he was already eyeing a return to Apex Legends. “[Apex] is looking real, real good right about now!”

All that said, NICKMERCS did get into the rhythm of the battle royale eventually. He even popped off after a win with Cloakzy, declaring he’s “back, yeah!”

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“Oh yeah, that’s the feeling,” Kolcheff said, before admitting he’d had a good time. “I did actually have fun today. I’m having fun, yeah. At the beginning it was rough, I didn’t have my bearings.

“When I got back up to speed, it was feeling good,” the once reigning Warzone king said towards the end of his stream. “I dropped 20-something. I’m back, chilling.”

In unfortunate news for his loyal Warzone fans, however, NICKMERCS confirmed his comeback was just a one-off; he will be returning to the Apex Legends grind, where he has machinations to go pro.

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If he does eventually add a second battle royale to his rotation again, the 31-year-old added, Fortnite would be the more likely contender after bringing back Tilted Towers.

“[Fortnite] is actually f**king nuts [now],” he said. “The Spider-Man stuff is so fluid, so fun to Spider-Man everywhere, and the map is really good. Tilted is back!”