Dr Disrespect claims Warzone is too broken to fix: “Microsoft won’t save you!”

Dr Disrespect stares at Warzone keyart.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Raven Software

Dr Disrespect has rung the Warzone death knell, claiming even a major developer reshuffle via Microsoft’s industry-shaking $70bn Activision Blizzard purchase won’t be enough to save the “broken” Call of Duty battle royale.

Last week, Microsoft shocked the gaming world by confirming a $70bn swoop for Activision Blizzard, with Warzone included as one of the buyout’s biggest jewels.

The shock ownership swap sees Microsoft claim monolithic franchises like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and of course Call of Duty, and has seen many players claiming new management will be the spark many of the flagging series need to hit new heights.

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Dr Disrespect, however, isn’t so sure.

In fact, he’s convinced Warzone is on its last legs⁠ — the problems keep piling up, the Doc claims, and Microsoft won’t actually be able to save the dying battle royale.

Dr Disrespect rubs chin on YouTube stream.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
YouTube’s biggest Call of Duty streamer has all but called time on the battle royale.

The two-time’s claim came amid a $15k tournament he was playing alongside regular Warzone duo ZLaner, as he was beaten by a crafty enemy player.

Dr Disrespect has been relatively vocal about his displeasure with Warzone and the battle royale’s current state for weeks now, and all his Call of Duty rage boiled to the surface again after his death ⁠— he fired salvos at the title’s audio issues, ongoing engine struggles.

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“Microsoft’s not going to save you!” the star YouTuber yelled.

Warzone armored truck w people on itActivision
Warzone has been bleeding players and viewers since its Pacific update late last year.

The Doc’s leading argument ⁠— ramped up to eleven by his in-game rage ⁠— was that Warzone’s core loops, designs, and balance have all been “broken” over the years and have become impossible to resurrect in any meaningful way, no matter how many devs take a swing at it.

“There’s just nothing… nothing! There’s so many problems. No audio [for one]. This game sucks,” the two-time continued before addressing Raven Software. “Your game sucks! Microsoft won’t save you. It won’t!”

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The Doc slammed the table and delivered another barb: “Even the game’s engine is outdated! It’s a wrap, really. The game is a wrap! Holy sh*t, it’s done.”

Dr Disrespect’s epic January 24 explosion is far from the first time he’s taken potshots at Warzone recently too; the star YouTuber has been taking swipe after swipe at the title since the turn of the new year.

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The two-time’s biggest issue, he explains, is Warzone losing the CoD feeling with new updates: “It’s supposed to be this over-the-top blockbuster arcade game you can pop into, start playing and have fun with. It’s high rep. I’m not getting that feeling. I’m falling asleep playing this game.”

Other star Warzone stars like NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman have been equally savage, with Timmy even dubbing anyone still enjoying the game “a clown.”

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