Warzone streamer banned after CoD Mara actor caught her hacking

Mara voice actor Alex Zedra caught Warzone hacker on streamTwitter: Alex_Zedra/Activision

A Warzone streamer was caught hacking after being hosted by the actress who voiced Modern Warfare and Warzone operator Mara.

Hacking has become a huge problem in Warzone, with players desperately calling for some sort of strong anti-cheat measures to put cheating to bed and prevent people getting easy wins and kills.

Little over a year since the game was released, however, and despite several ban waves, they keep managing to come back and ruin people’s games.

What’s even worse than hacking in regular Warzone lobbies, though, is hacking in tournaments, and this player was caught doing exactly that.

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mara actor alex zedraInstagram: alex_zedra
Mara actor Alex Zedra is a keen CoD player herself.

Mara is an operator Warzone players will likely be familiar with, and the woman behind the character, Alex Zedra, is a keen Call of Duty player herself.

After finishing up her stream, Zedra decided to host another woman competing in a Warzone tournament, but it quickly became clear that something wasn’t quite right.

The streamer, IcyVixen, was tracking players through walls and easily hitting shots, so Zedra tweeted out a clip, tagging Twitch in the process, calling out Vixen and teammate BeardedBanger for hacking during the tournament.

If that clip wasn’t enough, though, a number of fans replied in the comments with various suspicious-looking clips from IcyVixen.

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Perhaps the most incriminating, though, is this one, where her aim is perfectly locked on to a player while falling in the pre-game lobby, despite not even playing at the time.

At the time of writing, barely three hours after Zedra first tweeted the clip, IcyVixen’s Twitch account appears to have been banned or suspended. Meanwhile, her teammate BeardedBanger has updated his Twitch bio, calling the accusation “comical.” They’re apparently planning a Just Chatting stream to explain everything that happened.

BeardedBanger Twitch streamer caught hacking on WarzoneTwitch: BeardedBanger
BeardedBanger says the accusations are “comical.”

Whether or not this duo is hacking isn’t confirmed yet, but the clips are definitely incriminating enough to raise suspicion.

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Needless to say, if these two were hacking, they won’t be getting away with it for much longer.

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