Dr Disrespect completely loses it over Warzone 2 audio

dr disrespect warzone 2 audioDr Disrespect, Activision

During a Call of Duty: Warzone 2 stream, Dr Disrespect went on a wild rant about the battle royale’s subpar audio quality.

Dr Disrespect has made his disdain for many facets of Warzone 2 abundantly clear over the last several months.

In the last few weeks alone, Doc’s labeled Warzone 2 the worst Call of Duty to date, blasted the self-revive mechanic, and mocked the “phony” changes in Season 2.

The Two-Time’s latest YouTube stream took shots at another ongoing issue plaguing the battle royale – poor audio.

Dr Disrespect critiques Warzone 2’s audio issues in recent rant

During a lengthy live stream of Warzone 2, Doc briefly lets loose on the subpar audio quality. “Do you hear the f—ing ambiance in this game? This f—ing game’s audio is horrible, man, I hate it,” Dr Disrespect yelled into the mic.

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The popular streamer went on to specify how ridiculously loud the title can be in some circumstances, which is nothing shy of frustrating. For reference, the bit in question begins around the 2:46:50 mark in the following video:

Viewers in the YouTube chat said they did notice an imbalance, with some calling the audio in Warzone 2 outright “atrocious.”

Dr Disrespect isn’t the first to take note of Warzone 2’s audio-related troubles. Many players have pointed out the problem since the game’s launch late last year. Developers even released a patch to address Warzone 2’s much-needed audio improvements.

Regardless of previous fixes and updates, it seems such errors continue to impact the in-game user experience. The jury’s still out on when exactly players can expect the game’s audio to meet expectations.

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