How to get Serac SMG (CX-9 blueprint) in Warzone

Connor Bennett
Warzone character running with an SMG in the air

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 2 is well underway, with some players using the Serac blueprint for the CX-9 SMG for the first time, and it’s pretty deadly. Here’s how you can find it. 

With each new update to Warzone, the meta changes and fresh weapons start to come to the forefront of the battle royale.

It’s the same story with the Cold War Season 2 update. Players are back to using LMGs and SMGs as their main weapons, but they’re not all from the newest Call of Duty title.

Instead, it’s weapons from Modern Warfare that have got fans excited. They’ve been cropping up in Warzone on Rebirth Island and Verdansk, but they are pretty hard to find.

Modern Warfare CX-9 SMG
A look at the CX-9 SMG from Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Where to find Serac SMG (CX-9 blueprint) in Warzone

As players have noted, in the case of the CX-9, it absolutely shreds at close range. The fire rate is up there with weapons like the MAC-10, and it barely moves in terms of recoil.

The Serac blueprint only aids its cause, with a 50-round mag attached. It’ll shred through an enemy at close-range, and have enough left in the tank to finish off any stragglers from their team as well.

In terms of finding it, that’s the hard part of things. The weapon in loot crates in Warzone, and that’s really it. You’ll need a decent bit of luck to find it.

  1. Drop into a game of Warzone
  2. Open as many loot crates as possible
  3. Hope the CX-9 Serac blueprint comes out!

If you do own last year’s Call of Duty title, you’ll be able to unlock it there and then level it up through Modern Warfare multiplayer. However, the Serac blueprint is obviously different. That’ll either be available through the item store or be a contraband contract in Warzone.

For now, though, all you can do is keep opening the loot crates and hope you find it. If you wield the weapon, it will do damage, and maybe help you claim some Warzone victories.