NICKMERCS slams “horrible” Warzone Season 2 update in viral rant

Connor Bennett
Nickmercs and a character from Warzone Season 2
Twitter: NickMercs/Activision

Popular YouTuber and Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff slammed Warzone’s Season 2 update as “horrible,” saying the game is worse now than it was before.

After much hype and excitement, Black Ops Cold War’s Season 2 update finally dropped on February 25, making changes to multiplayer as well as Warzone.

In Warzone, changes have been made to the Verdansk map, the gas has become even more dangerous than before, and there are now Zombies in certain parts – among plenty of other changes. 

While plenty of players are happy with the update, not everyone is, with NICKMERCS airing his thoughts in a hilarious way, which made him go viral on Twitter.

Warzone Season 2 ship POI
The cargo tanker has crashed into the shore of Verdansk in Warzone Season 2.

After a few hours of playing the new update, Nick and his teammates seemed a little bummed out and the vibes were down, prompting his chat to try and get him to turn things around and be a little more positive. 

However, that wasn’t going to happen. “Guys, I’m fine, just this update f**king sucks,” Nick said. “Like, the game is worse today than it was just yesterday. How is that possible? It is, it totally is. The Gulag sucks! It’s f**king horrible. The ship is loud and pointless.”

The FaZe Clan member then ramped things up with a rant that hit close to two million views on Twitter. 

“When I experience a new update on this game, I subconsciously, I can’t help it, I compare it to other games that have had updates,” Nick added, noting that Fortnite comes to mind given they started the constant updates. 

“So what I do is I compare the game to other games that did updates,” he yelled, as the loud, opening cinematic played again. “And after comparing this update to the other updates, I’ve come to the conclusion that this update is f**king horrible!”

The boat cinematic only added to Nick’s frustrations, but that’s since been removed from playing at the start of every single game.

Whether or not a bigger change to Verdansk, which is rumored to be happening in April, will be up Nick’s street and help sway him on the update over time, remains to be seen.