Dr Disrespect slams “clueless” CoD devs over massive Warzone 2.0 changes

Dr Disrespect next to MW2 character and WZ 2.0 logoYT: Dr Disrespect / Activision

YouTube streamer and mustache expert Dr Disrespect has described CoD devs as “clueless” over the proposed changes to Warzone 2.0, with particular concern over the inclusion of AI in standard multiplayer matches.

Warzone 2.0 is rapidly approaching, and fans of the first battle royale are eagerly anticipating what Infinity Ward have dreamt up as a sequel. 

While plenty of details remain unconfirmed (and will do so until it officially drops on November 16) , we’ve had our first glimpses of gameplay and the most significant changes from its older sibling. 

In particular, we expect AI to play a fairly prominent role in typical multiplayer matches, filling up lobbies and ensuring matches are not too quiet from the off. There’s also some doubt that Loadout Drops will return, whilst Gulag changes have proved controversial. 

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Among those with their concerns is Dr Disrespect, who outlined his worries in a recent livestream with fellow YouTube streamer TimTheTatman. 

Dr Disrespect criticizes “clueless” CoD devs over WZ 2.0 changes

During some downtime between matches, the Doc was updated on all the anticipated changes Warzone 2.0 is going to make. 

When informed of the inclusion of AI in multiplayer matches and the exclusion of Loadout Drops, the Doc was less than impressed. 

“The version that you’ve played didn’t have the Loadouts?” he asked. “No! So AI and no Loadouts? God, [they’re] clueless. I don’t know [what they’re doing] either. That’s scary.” 

On the current build of Warzone 2.0’s Gulag, which spawns players without a weapon and in teams, the Doc was similarly unimpressed: “Oh my god no! Is that how it goes? Jesus. So it’s not mirrored loot? That’s corny. Oh it’s so corny.” 

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Timestamp: 3:29:30 

When Swagg asked whether Escape from Tarkov has AI, the Doc explained why he doesn’t believe the two are comparable: “There is but that’s different. You do [need AI in Tarkov]. And the way that AI’s designed in that game, it’s hardcore. If you’re slipping the guy’s gonna headshot you and you’re done. And you can’t like distinguish [AI from players] sometimes.” 

It’s only when Warzone 2.0 drops in November that we’ll get a full idea of how the new features work and gauge community positions on them. However, for now, the Doc has his doubts.

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