Dr Disrespect mocks CoD with Warzone 2 stream stats after not inviting him to event

dr disrespect banned from warzone 2YouTube/DrDisrespect

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect had a cheeky response to Call of Duty for not inviting him to the Warzone 2 event after revealing he had a monster broadcast on his end.

Dr Disrespect remains one of the top streamers in the world even after his mysterious Twitch ban in the Summer of 2020, but he remains uninvited to numerous CoD events.

The two-time has theorized that his vocal criticism of the franchise is what resulted in Activision refusing to invite him, but that hasn’t stopped him from still partaking through other methods.

During a November 9 broadcast, Doc was forced to watch other streamers’ gameplay of Warzone 2 and the DMZ playtest. To the two-time’s delight, he had one hell of a stream.

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Dr Disrespect’s Warzone 2 DMZ stream gets huge views

Taking to Twitter after the event, Dr Disrespect joked that he “had a blast at the event today” and thanked Call of Duty for ‘inviting’ him.

In the post, he attached his YouTube broadcast stats, revealing he’d raked in 811,032 total views with an average view duration of 24:04 – undoubtedly, very impressive numbers.

To sum it up, people stuck around to see what Doc thought of the reveal and how the two-time would react to the new game.

Throughout the stream, Doc highlighted his concerns with the mode, such as the amount of AI and its depth, as well as the Al Mazrah map.

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With YouTube streaming stats worth celebrating, it will be interesting to see if Activision decides to reinvite the two-time to events in the future.