Dr Disrespect highlights his biggest issues with Warzone 2 DMZ mode

Dr Disrespect looking at camera next to character in Call of Duty Modern warfare 2Dr Disrespect/Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect has given some initial thoughts on Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode, and he’s skeptical about a few things in particular. 

When Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was first announced, a number of rumors surfaced about a brand-new mode that was similar to Escape from Tarkov. We know now that it’s known as DMZ

While it’s not as hardcore as Tarkov, it works in a similar way. You and your team drop in, loot up, and eventually head for an exfiltration zone. A number of goals will pop up as you go, including fighting NPC-controlled Strongholds, but the overall goal of your run is ultimately up to you. 

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On November 9, a number of content creators and streamers were able to get hands-on with the new mode. While he didn’t get an invite, Dr Disrespect kept a keen eye on things and he’s got some initial concerns. 

Dr Disrespect highlights issues with Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode

The Two-Time watched along as Escape from Tarkov veteran DrLupo dropped into the DMZ mode, and quickly gave a few thoughts on what he’d seen – even though he hadn’t played it himself. 

“Too much AI. Just like unnecessary shots and fights. I know they want to keep you engaged, they want to like make sure your sensories are heightened,” The Doc said, also questioning the strength of the AI. 

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He also flagged the map, Al Mazrah, as a potential issue. “There are certain things that I’m like ‘oh man’. Like, for whatever reason, this map and the way it’s designed with this map… we’ll see how it is,” he added, grimacing. 

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The streaming star also questioned just how deep the mode will be for players who want to repeatedly dive in.

“How deep does it go? Ok, there’s an objective that they’re doing, there’s another objective while playing in a match,” he quipped. “Does it get to a point where they might be doing the same stuff over and over after a while? Or is there very unique missions and objectives even after so many hours played of this mode?”

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Those questions will likely be answered once the Two-Time manages to get hands-on with the mode, so it won’t be too long before he finds out.