Dr Disrespect has perfect response to fears Warzone may ban him for hacked lobby

Dr Disrespect next to Warzone Season Five operator.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Raven Software

Dr Disrespect is staring down the barrel of a potential Warzone ban after accidentally loading into a hacked battle royale lobby, but instead of being worried, the YouTuber cooly dished up the perfect ⁠— and totally hilarious ⁠— response.

Warzone is facing another disaster, just weeks after Caldera’s release; Call of Duty hackers have found a way to glitch the battle royale’s lobbies for free levels.

The glitch, which is similar to the infamous Modern Warfare and Black Ops code-bending that still pops up in vintage titles, lets Warzone players earn up to 70 levels at once during an endless pre-game lobby, and Dr Disrespect found himself right in the middle of one on December 22.

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Dr Disrespect and his trio squadmates TimTheTatman, and ZLaner all had their guns boosted to max levels immediately after loading into one such server, and the Warzone stars could only laugh at the glitches.

The lobby immediately sparked Warzone ban concerns for the trio, but Dr Disrespect was quick on the trigger to allay any fears with a hilarious bite back.

Dr Disrespect rubs chin on YouTube stream.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The two-time whipped out the perfect response to Warzone ban fears immediately.

The trio were originally stunned after loading into the hacked Warzone lobby, but that surprise turned to concern, especially from TimTheTatman, after realizing their “boosting” exploits ⁠— accidental or not ⁠— may lead to permanent bans from the popular Call of Duty battle royale.

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Doc immediately dolled out the perfect response.

“Oh my god,” the two-time said after a fan mentioned possible Warzone bans for the exploits, “wouldn’t that be a blessing in disguise! Where do I sign up?”

Call of duty character shooting while skydivingInfinity Ward
The glitched lobbies let players endless spawn and boost their gun levels.

In the end, Dr Disrespect managed to boost all his meta Warzone weapons up to level 70, unlocking all their attachments, upgrades, and optics. He did admit it “felt a little cheaty,” but ranked them all up in the lobby regardless.

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“Load ‘em up!” he laughed. “Hell yeah, what a lobby.”

The two-time continued: “Anything that means I have to play Warzone less, I’ll take it. Leveling in this game can be such a chore. I mean, I’m going to take full advantage of this, I’m going to be doing all my guns now. I’m all in, this is probably the most fun I’ve had on Warzone in ages, I won’t lie.”

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The Doc’s fun in the lobby eventually wrapped up after he was hit with a “Dev Error 661” code. He could only laugh: “Only way it could’ve ended, really.”

The Doc’s chance encounter with the modded pre-game arena may well lead to him being suspended, but considering it was purely accidental, Dexerto doesn’t expect the Warzone devs to swing the banhammer in his direction.

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The two-time hasn’t been kind to Warzone recently either, glitched lobbies or no, even declaring he is in the midst of a “Docpression” sparked by the state of Warzone and the “total failure” of the battle royale’s long-waited Pacific update earlier this month.

Raven Software has yet to address the hacked Warzone lobbies or Dr Disrespect’s accidental involvement, but expect it to be patched out soon.

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