Dr Disrespect exposes Vanguard S&D player using terrible wall exploit

Dr. Disrespect encountered a blatant cheater in Vanguard S&D in his first game on.Activision/Dr. Disrespect

Dr Disrespect promised his viewers that he would put on a masterclass in Call of Duty Vanguard, but his stream was completely derailed after exposing a cheater in Search and Destroy.

There has been no shortage of strange things happening in Vanguard since the game’s release, and YouTube’s resident 2x Champ got a taste of the chaos while preparing for a tournament on November 29.

It was all smiles when Doc first loaded into the game. After throwing on some new settings he seemed primed to get into the action, but things took a drastic turn before he could even finish playing a single round of the one-life game mode.

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Dr Disrespect exposes vanguard player for wall exploit

dr disrespect mad at warzoneYouTube/DrDisrespect
Dr Disrespect was ready to load into some Vanguard S&D matches but things went downhill just as quick as he got into the game.

The Doc entered the session with a positive attitude, saying that he was excited to learn the callouts and sightlines on the maps he is less familiar with.

That early joy didn’t last long at all though, as one rogue cheater derailed an entire 10v10 match on Sub Pens by hiding inside of a wall and ruining everyone’s fun.

Doc was speechless after seeing the exploit, and he even kept his mouth closed while spectating his cheating teammate as they met their end by falling through the nonexistent floor inside the wall.

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His teammates on the other hand had plenty to say, as they all dogpiled on the cheater at the end of the round.

One player can be heard taunting the failed exploit saying: “Haha that’s what you get…”

There have been a few of these problems in Vanguard and it looks like Doc will have to wait until Sledgehammer takes another pass at fixing up some holes before he’ll get to learn the maps properly.

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