Vanguard pro finds ridiculous exploit to break outside of map for free kills

. 7 months ago
Call of Duty Vanguard pro Shottzy next to the game's logo
Activision/Twitter: Shotzzy

Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro has been a dominant force in both Halo and Call of Duty’s professional scenes — a feat that he’s achieved in part by being more talented at shooting people than nearly anyone else in the world, but also by having an incredible sense of how to move around the map in both franchises.

While he’s shown off many high-IQ plays in the past, this demonstration of how to get outside the map on Oasis is a strong contender for his most outlandish discovery yet.

OpTic Shottzy shows his stream how to break Vanguard

CoD Vanguard Oasis map gameplay
Oasis is one of 17 playable maps in Call of Duty Vanguard. Only 16 more to go if Shottzy wants to tackle them all.

When approaching the outskirts of the map, Shotzzy breaks into a sprint to beat the “out of bounds” timer.

With a well-timed slide, he goes underneath the truck and escapes the instakill penalty for being outside of the map by three-tenths of a second to spare.

The new vantage point allows him to rack up a few kills before being taken out. He’s eventually able to repeat the task but ends up pressing his luck too far and falling through an unfinished portion of the map.

One user suggested that the Call of Duty League pro was actually headed all the way to Caldera this time around: “Bro made it to the new warzone map”

Another commenter subtly remarked on the entire existence of a bug like this, saying: “Such a polished and complete game at launch.”

While this part of the map is accessible for now, it’s certainly not an intended line of sight — as represented by the porous floor that eventually claimed Shotzzy’s life.

Thankfully this will only be a problem in public games, as Oasis isn’t one of the CDL-approved maps for either Hardpoint or Search and Destroy, but this does mean that Shotzzy could still be lurking in any given public game, ready to claim the lives of any unsuspecting casuals.

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