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CoD Vanguard players want popular feature back to fix “lopsided” Domination matches

Published: 29/Nov/2021 17:38

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty: Vanguard players want the devs to bring back the popular halftime feature to help fix lopsided Domination matches. 

Domination is one of Call of Duty’s most popular game modes. First introduced in CoD 4, the mode has evolved over the years.

In Black Ops 2, the game mode saw a halftime feature that would flip the sides after five minutes of playing.

That stuck around for quite some time and even changed as sides would flip after 100 points. This helped reset the pace of Domination and Vanguard players want it back to improve the game.

Domination Vanguard
Vanguard players are complaining that Domination games are one-sided.

Vanguard players want halftime feature back for Domination

In Call of Duty: Vanguard, Domination ends when a team reaches 200 points. No halftime, no making the flags neutral, and no chance to reset the pace to gain control.


This Reddit post by ‘fortheband1212’ brings up the topic of how one-sided Domination matches feel in Vanguard and that the halftime feature would help a lot to fix this.

Domination Lopsided With No Halftime? from CODVanguard

The B flag in Domination is typically hard to capture but once a team controls it they tend to keep it for a long time due to the spawns. One person said, “It just becomes impossible to take B on some maps, and the second you do it, it gets taken back over.”

Halftime would allow players to reset and get another chance at a break-off to capture the neutral flag.


On the other hand, some people think it was an intended feature but the devs removed it. “The announcer says “round almost over” when either team reaches 100. This makes me believe that there was a halftime, and they just didn’t implement it into the game,’ one Redditor said.

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Halftime was also a big feature in competitive CoD as some maps have a favorable side to reach the B flag first and gain control faster.

Whether the feature was in the game and taken out last minute is unknown, but players are begging Sledgehammer Games to add it in now to fix one-sided affairs of Domination.