Dr Disrespect claims Warzone 2 will fail without major changes: “I give it a month”

Nathan Warby
Dr Disresepct streaming WarzoneDr Disrespect / Activision

Many players are hoping that Warzone 2 will be a fresh start that breathes new life into the CoD battle royale, but streaming star Dr Disrespect believes it will flop within a month if it doesn’t come with major changes.

Warzone Season 5 is set to be the last full season before Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 take the series into the future.

For much of the community, hopes are high that the follow-up to the Call of Duty battle royale will deliver, and reignite the excitement that has been lost over the last few months. We already know that a new map is on the way, and fan-requested features like a FOV slider could arrive.

However, popular streamer Dr Disrespect feels that Warzone 2 will need to introduce more fundamental changes if the game wants to survive.

Dr Disrespect calls for major design changes in Warzone

During a recent stream, the two-time criticized the way that the current Warzone is designed and urged the developers to do better in the sequel.

“Your audio f**king sucks. It does, your map sucks, your audio sucks,” he ranted after dying to an enemy that he couldn’t hear. “No wonder nobody’s playing it! Nobody. It’s dead.”

Doc then lost his match in the Gulag to an enemy obscured by darkness, which sparked a bold claim about how long Warzone 2 will remain popular for.

“This game is such a f**king joke man, holy s**t. You can’t see anything, it drives me nuts. I’m telling you Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, I give it a month after launch,” he claimed. “I mean fingers crossed they do something different, but if they continue to do this type of s**t, with these types of formula and these design decisions from a creative standpoint — this franchise is done.”

Then, while spectating ZLaner, the two continued to call out some of the choices taken by developers, labeling the decision to put Faction Tokens in Supply Crates as part of the Heroes Vs Villains event as “braindead.”

“We know what a good Call of Duty is, I’ve played ’em. I know what a good battle royale experience could be in Call of Duty,” he continued. “How are these things getting approved? I want to have some fun with Call of Duty, that’s my game growing up, you know?”

With the release of Warzone 2 just months away, hopefully, the sequel can deliver and get Dr Disrespect and other players that have fallen off excited about the series again.