Dr Disrespect breaks character after CoD player trash talks his mom

Michael Gwilliam
dr disrespect's mom insulted in mw2

Legendary streamer Dr Disrespect was at a loss for words after an enemy Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 player insulted his mom.

CoD has always been heavy on the trash talk with the original MW2 lobbies being an anything-goes cesspool of depravity on the online battlefield – something Doc is no stranger to.

With MW2’s ranked play finally live, the two-time, TimTheTatman, ZLaner, and CouRage queued together to take on other stacks and were having a blast, dominating their opponents 6-1.

After the match, however, the post-game lobby trash talk escalated when someone on the other team had some choice words for Dr Disrespect’s mother.

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Dr Disrespect was left stunned by MW2 trash talk.

MW2 trash talk makes Dr Disrespect break character

Following the game, a player in the lobby spoke up and called out the two-time by name before dropping a mammoth insult on Doc’s mom.

“Hey Dr Disrespect, your mom’s a b*tch!” the player exclaimed just as the lobby closed and no other words could be exchanged.

Stunned, everyone else on the team seemingly took offense to the comment on Doc’s behalf as the banned Twitch streamer just sat there without a retort.

“That’s coward sh*t to throw that out at the last second!” one said.

“What?!” another gasped.

(segment begins at 4:14:22)

Despite the insult, Doc could only look on amazed and without anything to really say, definitely not his typical self where he’d normally unleash violence, speed, and momentum on anyone who dared to challenge him.

“That’s the one that got me,” he sighed before cracking up. “That’s the one that got me.”

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like the comment was able to faze the YouTuber that much considering he hopped into a few other games shortly thereafter and continued to dominate like his typical self.

It normally takes a lot to make Dr Disrespect break character, but if the two-time ends up finding that player in another lobby in the future, there’s no telling what kind of hell will break loose.