Dr Disrespect breaks character to practice his golf skills with popular YouTube channel

Andrew Highton
dr disrespect with goodgood logo

A rare public appearance without his iconic headgear was on the cards for Dr Disrespect recently as he was seen spending time at popular YouTube channel GoodGood’s main base of operations.

Doc has made no secret of his love and admiration for the sport of golf before. When he’s not courtside for NBA games or teasing a WWE appearance, Dr Disrespect enjoys spending some time out on the course.

In fact, the 2x champ has even flirted with the idea of hosting his own golf stream fueled by sessions of PGA 2K21. So it’s not too surprising to learn that the Doc was recently at GoodGood HQ spending some time with the team, honing his skills, and learning from some of the very best golfers on YouTube.

dr disrespect walking with golf club in hand
The gaming personality has more to him than meets the eye it seems.

Dr Disrespect & GoodGood collaboration?

After rising to prominence through their own individual channels, helped massively by the success of Garrett Clark’s GM Golf channel, GoodGood is the brainchild of a group of guys from America who continue to putt (pun intended) out stellar content week after week to their nearly 700,000-strong subscribers.

You could say that the production values are on par with Dr Disrespect’s elaborate streams he conducts himself, and he’s even previously acknowledged the good work the group is doing.

Matt Scharff is arguably the most energetic member of the group and has miraculously achieved the remarkable feat of two holes-in-one during videos with the channel, including one on a Par 4.

He’s known to be a huge fan of the Doc and posted to his Instagram a picture and a couple of videos of the Doc at GoodGood’s state-of-the-art golf simulator studio.


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Matt said on the post: “I met an absolute legend yesterday!! It meant the world that I could hang out and spend some time with this beast! You’ve done so much in the gaming community and have impacted millions. Shoutout to Hecz for setting this up!”

By hecz, he means OpTic HECZ – Hector Rodriguez – the legendary founder of the iconic OpTic Gaming. The connection is an easy one as Rodriguez’s ‘Heczquarters’ are actually next door to the GoodGood studio.

In the videos, we see Dr Disrespect working on his golf game, and whilst it could possibly do with some fine-tuning here and there, it’s cool to the Doc in a normal capacity outside of the hectic lifestyle of his video game streaming job and Midnight Society focus.

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