Crazy Warzone trick lets players inside Golden Vault, but there’s a catch

Call of Duty Warzone Golden VaultActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Reinforced event has taken hold of the battle royale, and with it comes a mysterious Golden Vault. But one player has seemed to have accessed it ahead of schedule. 

Teased through the current Rebirth Reinforced event, the Warzone community has been on their toes as yet another mysterious vault event has descended upon the island. 

Reminiscent of the bunker challenges found on Verdansk, players have been patiently waiting to make their entrance into the golden vault located on Rebirth Island. 

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Comprised of three vaults to enter, the locked bunkers have been standing idle and mocking the community as players await the day to see what’s behind their smug barriers. But that has suddenly changed as one player, in particular, has found a way to get a sneak preview. 

Warzone Golden Vault trick Activision
You can get inside the Golden Vault but there is a catch…

Warzone trick lets players inside Golden Vault

Twitter user BobNetworkUK is the first to discover the Golden Vault trick. Standing in front of one of the Golden Vault entrances, the Twitter user waits for his teammate to knock him inside. 

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The jeep drives full speed straight into BobNetworkUK’s operator and messes up the first attempt. Repositioning himself in front of the secret bunker, his teammate hits him and successfully launches him inside of the vault. 

Warzone trick allows entrance, but there is a catch

Now inside the bunker, the Twitter user finds that everything inside the vault is fully functional. From loot chests to equipment there is plenty to use, but unfortunately, they’re not that great or helpful.

The biggest catch of this whole trick is that BobNetworkUK realizes he can’t get out of the Golden Vault.

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Thats right, once you get into the bunker utilizing the trick, there is no way to exit, rendering the game unplayable from that point. So try the trick at your risk. 

While the loot in the chests appears to be rather useless, it could be possible that the items were there as a placeholder just in case a player found a way to get inside. 

To honestly know whether or not that is the real reward, the community will have to complete Warzone Rebirth Reinforced challenge #44. 

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