CoD Zombies Forsaken: How to access Nacht Der Untoten & Der Eisendrache

CoD Zombies Forsaken How to access Nacht Der Untoten & Der EisendracheActivision

Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies map Forsaken has finally been released. While there are many different Easter eggs, two pay homage to classic maps, Nacht Der Untoten and Der Eisendrache.

Forsaken was the fourth and final map that Cold War Zombies is getting. Easter eggs have been a huge part of Treyarch Zombies for years and each has a specific meaning to the story.

While there is a main Easter egg quest, there are side ones that tend to give a lot of details toward the story or reference old maps.

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In Forsaken you can access the first map ever, Nacht Der Untoten, and notice other maps like Der Eisdendrache. Here’s how to access these Easter eggs.

How to play Nacht Der Untoten in Forsaken 

Even though Nacht is the main portion of the first map, Die Maschine, players can revisit the original map from World at War Zombies.

This Easter egg is pretty simple but to do so you need to go to Forsaken’s arcade. Once in the arcade, players will need to collect an Arcade Token. These can be obtained in two ways, by killing Zombies and picking it up or spending 10,000 Essence.

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Once you have a token, locate the World at War arcade machine, which is in between the “Activision Grand Prix” and “Arcade” machines. Once you insert the token, you will be teleported into Nacht and can play for a limited amount of time.

While this is really cool there is another map that is featured within Forsaken but this one offers a reward.

How to complete Der Eisendrache Easter egg in Forsaken

As stated above, players will need at least one Arcade Token, once you have acquired that, locate the pinball machines in the Arcade.

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The Der Eisendrache pinball machine should be located on a wall with three others. After inserting a token the player will be teleported to a new location to fend off zombies.

As seen in the video by ‘ITS GAV’ all you need to do is kill zombies and a box will spawn in much like the Coffin Dance easter egg, giving players access to good loot.

These are just two of the many Easter eggs on Forsaken, make sure to check out the Zombies page to get all the latest guides and updates.

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