How to get CoD Zombies Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Forsaken: quest, forms

CoD Zombies Chrysalax weapon gameplayActivision

The new Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in Black Ops Cold War’s Forsaken map is not one to overlook and we’ve got the complete guide on how it works and how you can get your hands on it.

The final round-based map in Cold War is now upon us as players are jumping into Forsaken. As always, secrets are hidden around every corner and the Zombies community is slowly unraveling the mysteries contained within.

While the full questline is a massive undertaking, anyone can get their hands on the new Wonder Weapon easily enough. In fact, there are even multiple ways to claim the Chrysalax for yourself.

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We’ve broken down each method in the new Forsaken map so you can wield the powerful Chrysalax Wonder Weapon in no time at all.

Getting the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon for free

This first method is the most effective in guaranteeing you get your hands on the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon. While it is possible in a few different ways, following these steps will net you the multifaceted weapon every time around.

Kill a Tormentor with fire

Tormentors in CoD ZombiesActivision
Keep an eye out for glowing red Tormetors.

First up, your job is to kill a Tormentor with fire. These are the bright red exploding zombies that appear at random. There’s no way of guaranteeing their spawn, so just keep an eye out. As soon as one appears, be sure to equip some sort of fiery weapon to take it out. We recommend the flamethrower for a quick and easy kill.

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Upon wiping out a Tormentor with a fiery blast, the first component to build the Chrysalax will appear on the ground.

Have an Abomination destroy a Dark Aether crystal

CoD Zombies AbominationActivision
You need to get on good terms with the Abomination for this step.

Next, your job is to find an Abomination and well… keep it alive. Despite being one of the tougher foes on the map, you don’t actually want to attack it just yet. Find the three-headed beast and lure it close to a Dark Aether crystal. 

The Abomination needs to use its lightning attack in close proximity to the crystal. In doing so, it shatters the crystal and reveals the next part to form the Chrysalax.

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Defend the donut shop

For the third and final component, head to the donut shop POI a few rounds into your run. At a certain point, you’ll hear that an ‘anomaly’ has crash-landed in the shop. Once this appears, simply stand on the glowing orange substance and various bosses will spawn in. 

Clear out every target without stepping off the anomaly. Upon taking out the final boss, a new part will appear.

CoD Zombies donut shop anomalyActivision
Look for this glowing anomaly in the donut shop.

Charge the Particle Accelerator

With all three parts now ready to go, venture underground to the Particle Accelerator. In here, simply place all three items and zombies will start spawning nearby.

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Your final challenge is to wipe out these Zombies with melee only. This will charge the components and before long, form the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon.

CoD Zombies Chrysalax wonder weaponActivision
Upon clearing the room of zombies via melee only, the Chrysalax will appear.

Earning the Chrysalax through arcade games

While arcade games might be considered nothing more than a distraction, one in particular can actually give you the new Chrysalax Wonder Weapon.

First things first, you’ll need to collect enough arcade tokens dropped at random by various zombies. Once you’ve got a pocket-full, head to the arcade section and activate the ‘Der Eisendrache’ pinball machine.

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CoD ZOmbies Der Eisendrache gameplayActivision / Treyarch
The Der Eisendrache pinball machine can come in clutch.

This will teleport you to an eerily familiar environment if you’re an experienced Outbreak player. Simply clear enough zombies from the area and a golden chest will spawn in the middle of the map. Open it and there’s a good chance a Chrysalax will be waiting for you.

Similar to the Mystery Box, however, this isn’t a guaranteed drop. There’s a good chance you get something powerful, but it’s not always going to be the Chrysalax. If you get unlucky, just rinse and repeat the same process.

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Legendary Trial Rewards

Perhaps the most efficient method of grabbing the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon is through the Trial Computer. This machine is located in the Observation Tower and can be accessed after repairing the main teleporter and clearing the first Abomination.

CoD Zombies Trial computerActivision
The Trial Computer can grand a Chrysalax Wonder Weapon if you’re lucky.

Once you reach the computer, you can exchange 500 points to receive a random challenge. Clearing a few of the easier tiers will unlock legendary trials.

Upon completing this high-tier objective, you’ll be handed a Chrysalax for your troubles.

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Finding Chrysalax in the Mystery Box

CoD Zombies mystery boxActivision
The Mystery Box always works as a last resort.

Last but not least, there’s always the Mystery Box. It’s an extremely rare drop, but the Chrysalax can be pulled from the lucky crate directly.

As a result, it’s not a foolproof method. So if your run absolutely depends on having the Chrysalax, the Mystery Box should only be a last resort. It’ll cost you 950 points each time around and as usual, there’s no guarantee you’ll land on the right gun. 

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It could take a dozen attempts so be sure to go with the consistent methods above before falling back on the Mystery Box.

How the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon works

The Chrysalax Wonder Weapon will play a major part in Forsaken's story.Treyarch
The Chrysalax Wonder Weapon is one of the most unique in all of CoD Zombies.

Similar to the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon in Mauer Der Toten, the Chrysalax has multiple unique functions. First is the Storm Mode which works as a more standard rifle, but swapping to the Savager Mode grants you a devastating melee weapon.

In Savager Mode, you have numerous attacks at your fingertips. From sweeping blows to energy blades you launch in the sky, it’s one of the more versatile weapons in the game. Below is a quick breakdown on each attack.

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  • R2 / RT: Double Axe Swing
  • L2 / LT: Throw energy blade (requires energy charges)
  • Hold L2 / LT: keep energy blade spinning in place
  • Up on D-pad: Transform to gun mode

That’s all there is to know about the latest CoD Zombies Wonder Weapon. Be sure to check out all the new additions in Forsaken with the full Season 6 patch notes.