How to get Juggernog in Cold War Zombies with Coffin Dance Easter egg

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Like every Zombies map since World at War, Black Ops Cold War’s Die Maschine has a number of different Easter eggs, including the main quest, but easily the most hilarious and maybe one of the more useful ones, is the Coffin Dance Easter egg. Here’s how to complete it.

Zombies Easter eggs are something that the community looks forward to year after year. Once a new map releases, fans jump in, grind, and try to figure out every little secret the mode has in store.

Beyond the main quests, however, there’s a slew of smaller Easter eggs that fans figure out. These eggs have shorter steps and aren’t as intense but they can sometimes wind up giving players some useful rewards. Now, it seems like the Die Maschine map has another example of one of these smaller Easter eggs and it’ll end up giving you some pretty useful items if you’re lucky.

Coffin Dance Easter egg in Die Maschine

The Coffin Dance Easter egg in Die Maschine has a chance of dropping a free perk and weapon.

The Easter egg in question is based on the popular “Coffin Dance” meme that was circulating earlier in 2020. In-game, players can see a group of Zombies carrying a chest in the center of the particle accelerator room.

Even though the game labels them as enemies on your crosshairs and they are still pinged as “Zombies”, you can’t kill them and are forced to watch the full animation.

After the dancing is done, however, the chest they’re carrying will drop and you’ll have a chance to open it. Currently, the exact spawn rates of each item is unknown but parts and a free Juggernog perk seem to spawn almost every single time it’s opened.

In some instances, players can actually get a free Ray Gun, which is noteworthy because the Wonder Weapon rarely spawns in the mystery box, meaning this has the potential to be a quick, easy way to get a free version.

How to complete the Coffin Dance Easter egg

After watching the Easter egg, the Zombies will drop a loot crate.

While completing this Easter egg is relatively easy, with most of the steps taking place in one room, it’s a bit annoying to complete considering you have to run around for a bit. In addition, you’ll have to build the Pack-A-Punch machine before you attempt it, which can also take a bit of time.

Even still, not having to spend 2500 points on Juggernog is a nice trade-off, especially if there’s a chance of getting a free Ray Gun out of it.

  1. Turn on the power.
  2. Build the Pack-A-Punch machine.
  3. Shoot five orbs located in the particle accelerator room
    1. The first is located near the Zombies spawn window underneath the Pack-A-Punch machine.
    2. The second is found behind the computers on the right side of the power room.
    3. The third is located in the stairs leading below the Anomaly
    4. The fourth is located up high near the ceiling on the side of the room that leads to the hanging bomb.
    5. The fifth is in the pipe’s right below the power room.
  4. After that, you’ll be transported back to the Aether realm and you can watch the hilarious animation.
  5. Once the animation is complete, you’ll be transported back and the crate the Zombies were carrying will be dropped.

Finding the exact location of each orb is a bit frustrating without a visual aid. Luckily, there’s an easy and simple one from NoahJ456 that shows where they all are.

It’s important to note that they can be shot in any particular order so if you want to go out of order from the one listed above, that’s not going to be a problem.

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