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CoD Vanguard glitch makes your own Guard Dog turn on you

Published: 1/Dec/2021 16:56

by Nathan Warby


CoD Vanguard’s Guard Dog killstreak calls in a furry friend to accompany you on the battlefield. But what happens if man’s best friend decides to turn on you? One player found out the hard way.

Attack Dogs have been a staple killstreak in the CoD series dating all the way back to World at War in 2008. They’ve gone on to feature in numerous installments since then, particularly the ones with a historical setting.

In Vanguard, Sledgehammer Games took the idea one step further by introducing the Guard Dog, a single fluffy companion earned for a five-killstreak. They can be called in follow you around the map or defend a position, mauling everything in their way.


Unfortunately, that also includes the owner themselves. A Vanguard player has discovered a strange glitch that forces your canine friend to turn on you.

Guard Dog in CoD Vanguard
Activision/Sledgehammer Games
Guard Dogs are a new killstreak for CoD Vanguard

One Reddit user uploaded a video in which they were shockingly killed by their own Guard Dog just seconds after calling in the killstreak.

After landing five kills in succession, they whistled for the dog to appear, and it spawned in the next room on Hotel Royale. Assuming they were safe, they ran past the freshly spawned canine only to be instantly killed.

If you look closely at the minimap, you can see that the Guard Dog is actually marked as a hostile from the moment it appears. This means the player was seen as an enemy – hence why they wound up as dog food.


Did I just call the hostile dog? from CODVanguard

It’s worth noting that players have reported being killed by their own Attack Dogs in CoD for many years. This is usually because they got caught in the middle between one of the AI beasts and an unsuspecting enemy.

What makes this occasion different is that the Guard Dog was accidentally called in as an enemy killstreak. Unfortunately, from the clip, it is tough to tell what the cause of this issue was.

We’ll have to wait and see if this becomes a recurring problem, or it’s just a baffling one-off incident. If it turns out to be an ongoing issue, Sledgehammer Game will be quick to issue a fix.